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Welcome to House Quinotaur. :) We are an established House with in some cases some new ideas, however we hope you'll like what you see here. We have attempted to cater to all types of people with the fundamental need to exchange energy, with diverse backgrounds and diverse beliefs.

We strive for flexibility. While we do have a hierarchy, it is a loose one, allowing for peace of mind for those who desire a chain of command, simultaneous with an easy-going freedom for those who are more individual in nature. We have titles and such for those who have more responsibility and a ranking system to identify members. Even so, we are an informal bunch. :) The titles and ranks are a point of reference, with most of us using them very rarely.

With a membership count unequalled in the community, and with members located on every continent, we are the only House who can truly claim to be a worldwide organization. We believe this is due to our no-nonsense approach to what we are, combined with our open concept of reality and energy.

Non-Religious, we are working on developing a religious and also magickal path within our House. This Path however, is not necessary to follow to be part of House Quinotaur. We offer it as an extra for those who wish to explore themselves magickally or religiously.

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Unity through diversity